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Warm contacts: using LinkedIn to find a job

March 29, 2010

Job hunting during a recession may seem like a daunting or hopeless task sometimes. However, it is important not to rely solely on job postings to find a job. Ask a career counselor about finding a job, and he/she will say: network, network, network. But “networking” is itself a bit general. I have heard the phrase “go to your warm contacts”  which is probably a more apt way to describe effective networking. It’s about priorities. Go to your warm contacts first. published a good article on How LinkedIn will fire up your career (or perhaps get you a job for that matter). The article gives tips on making the most of your profile page. The article also makes an excellent point: LinkedIn is a great information resource…so much so that recruiters have been known to mine the site for information on suitable candidates.  Granted, the recruiters in the article were looking mainly for IT candidates and not attorneys, but the corollary is LinkedIn can also be a great resource for firm information via your legal contacts.


Facebook rumored to propose another privacy change – this time for “place” check-in feature

March 29, 2010

We’ve heard a lot this past year about privacy and Facebook, the company that began as a college networking site and how it has been pushing the boundaries of its users’ privacy.  Another issue has been who owns personal information that users have inputted or uploaded onto the site.

Most recently, Facebook’s deputy general counsel released a statement stating:

“The last time we updated the Privacy Policy, we included language describing a location feature we might build in the future. At that point, we thought the primary use would be to ‘add a location to something you post.’ Now, we’ve got some different ideas that we think are even more exciting, so, we’ve removed the old language and, instead added the concept of a ‘place’ that could refer to a Page, such as one for a local restaurant. As we finalize the product, we look forward to providing more details, including new privacy controls.” (emphasis added)

Um…okay.  It seems Facebook runs the risk of tiring their users with the never-ending changes to privacy controls.  Think of a feeling akin to privacy control overload as a result of having to manage and control the privacy of nearly every piece of information on one’s page.

Get more details about the “place” feature here at

Attorney Job Postings Gets Its Own Page

March 26, 2010

One of my first posts for this site was a growing list of job sites with attorney job postings.  I really wanted to keep that posting accessible, especially as I’m updating it routinely.  I have just created an entirely new page for the links, so you don’t have to hunt for them now.  See above for the new page entitled “Attorney Job Links.”

Good luck, and go get ’em.

Lawyers Duke it out over Toyota Venue

March 26, 2010 reports “more than 100 lawyers” (how do they count?) jammed into a San Diego federal courtroom today.  The attorneys will make their pitches for which venue is most appropriate for the growing number of Toyota cases.

Interestingly, reports that most of the lawsuits are not for personal injury related to sudden acceleration but for damages for recalled Toyotas which have lost their value.

Possibility of Toyota Class Action Lawsuit Inspires Vivid Metaphors, Imagery from Press and Attorneys Alike

March 25, 2010

The media has widely reported on the Toyota sudden acceleration cases with media coverage spiking since the beginning of the year.  Now, the LA Times is describing a possible forthcoming class action case as a shark feeding frenzy…casting the lawyers as the sharks.

If there’s one way people tend to describe lawyers, it’s with metaphors.  What if the shark imagery not original enough for you?  Well, the Wall Street Journal has a more tasty image, describing the discovery of a possible smoking gun document as an event causing lawyers to lick their chops.

Since the beginning of the year, there has been much media coverage and speculation about what Toyota knew or attempted to cover up about sudden acceleration.  Back in February, the Wall Street Journal Law Blog queried: does the Toyota acceleration matter have a smoking gun document?  The Wall Street Journal published another article on the document which claims Toyota officials described their lobbying efforts as a “win” when they were able to limit a recall tied to sudden acceleration complaints to just 55,000 vehicles.  As the Wall Street Journal reports, Toyota has now recalled about 6 million vehicles.

And, if you’re looking for even more imagery, why some lawyers can come up with their own vivid metaphors.  At a San Diego “Toyota Recall Litigation Conference,” W. Mark Lanier of the Lanier Law Firm of Houston, Texas called the possibility of a Toyota class action a “wonderful opportunity to fight a multifront war.”  According to the LA Times, Mr. Lanier coupled his imagery with a World War II era map suggesting the Allied forces’ assault on the Nazis.  Whoa – them’s fight’in words.  Get the run-down on the rest of the conference here.

However, maybe all this colorful imagery is a bit too aloof and passive for you.  Maybe you need something a little more…in your face.  The Brod Law Firm of San Francisco posted today on its blog a “call to action” that is pithy and to-the-point.  “Bring on the class actions, San Francisco!”

30,000 free ebooks available via Apple iBookstore?

March 25, 2010

With all the iPad buzz lately, I couldn’t help but check out Mac Rumors to see the latest on what the iPad will offer those who are willing to shell out $499 on this gadget. Though I’m not one to get overly excited about new gadgets (nor spend the money on them), I have to admit the iPad is an amazing piece of technological eye candy. (yum)

Mac Rumors is reporting a $9.99 price point for “most best sellers” in the Apple iBookstore.  That means books at the top of the N.Y. Times best seller list for $9.99 only, similar to the price point offered by Amazon for the Kindle.

Today, Mac Rumors is reporting that 30,000 free ebooks from Project Gutenberg will also be available for free download via the iBookstore.   There is no registration fee to download from Project Gutenberg.

Law Fail: the defense of “Finders Keepers”

March 25, 2010

From the Yahoo answers page.  A recitation of the law of “Finders Keepers.”

Resolved Question

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What is the exact phrasing of the law of “Finders Keepers”?

I am preparing for my court case next Monday and think this piece of information could be crucial to my case. Its a long case so I’ll give you the short and sweet version:
1) I found a small black dog in my backyard.
2) My neighbor seems to think it belongs to him.
3) He claims it answers to the name “Shadow,” but after numerous tests, I disagree. *I’m planning on doing the test in court to wow the jury*
4) Also if the dog happened to be his at one point in time, by the law of Finders Keepers, it is now mine.
5) The neighbor has a wife and two small kids, so I think he would be too busy to adequately take care of the dog.
So as you can see I’ve got a pretty solid case here, but I really want to drive it home with the exact legal definition of Finders Keepers, which has been hard to find. Any lawyers or Law and Order buffs out there?
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