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Attorney Job Links

Check back periodically for updates to this page.

Already Bored

This site claims to be “dedicated to providing the most current and comprehensive law firm compensation data and job search resources.”  The site has a “job search” function, but after performing a search for West coast jobs, nothing came up.  Already Bored seems like a better resource if you’re just looking to find salary information.  It has a salary comparing function as well as an anonymous discussion forum where attorneys speculate (or confirm) starting salaries.

Department of Justice Attorney Vacancy Search


This legal career website tends to have more postings than The Daily Journal. A word of caution, though.  If you sign up, read the fine print since you will be enrolled in a renewing monthly subscription.  Canceling the service is easy, and a quick phone call or email should do it.

Hieros Gamos

Look for the “job postings” tab on their site.  The postings are also through agencies.


Job posting bank which costs candidates $30 / month.

If you are a LACBA member, you can sign up for a free account through the LACBA website.  Lawjobs is a national job bank for legal jobs.  My quick search of California jobs turned up about 6 pages of postings, mostly for either associate or partner positions.

Law Info Career Center

This site generated about 300 postings; however, they were all posted by recruiting agencies.  If you want to apply for a job, you will need to apply through the agency.

Law Guru

The Daily Journal

The granddaddy of all legal job search resources.  These postings are legit, but don’t limit yourself to this resource because everyone else is looking here too.

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