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Yes! Mysterious iPhone Finder Identified…and Lawyered Up

April 30, 2010

Yesterday I was wondering about why the media wasn’t equally as focused on discovering the identity of the guy who found and sold the top secret iPhone to Gizmodo.  Well, someone was wondering the same thing because has identified the man as Brian Hogan of Redwood City.  Through his attorney, Jeffrey Bornstein, Hogan states that Gizmodo assured him it was okay to share the phone with the “tech press.”

I guess Brian took the law of finders keepers a little too literally…similar to the guy in the Yahoo law fail posting from last month.

It gets better.  Brian had a little help shopping the iPhone around to technology blogs.  Sage Robert Wallower, a UC Berkeley student, helped Brian Hogan to contact technology sites.  Mr. Wallower has given CNET what is probably the best statement so far in the entire saga.  He said he “didn’t see [the iPhone] or touch it in any manner” but knows “who found it,” adding, “I need to speak to a lawyer … I think I have said too much.”

Did you hear that Bay Area attorneys?

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