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Apple v. Gizmodo

April 29, 2010

Jason Chen, editor at center of iphone controversy

Silicon Valley used to be called the Valley of Hearts Delight – and it is.  The Valley boasts a temperate Mediterranean climate, comfortable sunshine, and fertile soil that will grow any seed you throw down.  The Valley was essentially a beautiful agricultural area.  Now the Valley produces technology.  There is so much brain power crammed into the Bay Area it’s enough to make your head explode…or at least make you wonder at the innovation, the triumphs, and now the drama.

Apple’s mailing address is cute: 1 Infinite Loop.  So cute!  It is also located in one of my favorite Bay Area cities: Cupertino, California.  Cupertino is a small and now a semi-famous city as media outlets chew, chew, and rechew the Apple and Gizmodo story.

You’d have to be living under a rock (or maybe you’re just prepping for trial) not to know about the Apple and Gizmodo … ehem … situation.  A tipster found a super secret version of an unreleased iphone 4 and then sold it to Gawker who subsequently posted it on their technology blog Gizmodo.  Now there are rumors of a criminal probe and plenty of smack talking against Gizmodo.  Then there were the reports of a search warrant to search Gizmodo editor Jason Chen’s home.  Gizmodo objects to the search and seizure of Chen’s computers, and a nationwide debate is ignited over whether journalist shield laws should apply to Gizmodo.  Cue a flurry of status updates from Apple loyalists saying Chen and his compatriots should be tarred and feathered…or worse.

I have to say that wherever Jason Chen’s parents are…they must be either very proud or trying to keep their heads low.  In case you haven’t seen his iphone 4 expose video…here it is.

And now everyone from Facebook commentators to CNET is providing his two cents on whether the search warrant was valid.

Frankly, those articles have left me kind of bored.  I’m more interested in knowing what friends of the California Attorney Nexus think.  So, what is your take on the issues?  1) Was the search warrant of Chen’s home valid?  2) Will the rumored “criminal investigations” amount to anything or are they just part of the Apple publicity machine?  3) What happened to the guy who actually sold the top secret iphone?  Apparently he’s like the fog because he has all but disappeared from public discussion.  As with any good legal analysis…you better back it up!

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