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Hotwire’s Travel Ticker: Say “Yes” to a Vacation

April 14, 2010

It’s probably safe to say that when one first begins a legal career, it’s more difficult to take vacations – depending on your job of course.  Working in litigation perpetually seems to put your travel plans in limbo.  Anyone with a high billing requirement probably feels the same way.  However, despite the obstacles to taking a proper vacation, perhaps the best advice I received when I first started out was simply to take a darn vacation.  The premise being that I needed to be proactive in setting aside time for a vacation because no one else was going to say: hey, you look like you’ve been put through the ringer…you should take a vacation.  I was warned not to let the years go by only to turn around and find that the majority of my time had been devoted to work.  Obviously we have to work hard; I think working hard is part and parcel of being an attorney, but as another sage expounded: you gotta check yourself before you wreck yourself.

In honor of all this advice, I wanted to highlight a great website from Hotwire, one of my favorite travel websites.  Hotwire’s Travel Ticker has a clean interface with four main categories: 1) ways to go, 2) places to go, 3) reasons to go, and 4) a savings searcher.

The site highlights travel deals such as a $226 one-way Lufthansa airfare deal to Europe.   Also featured are sweet hotel deals, packages, and cruises.  Think of it as status updates but with travel deals from all the other major travel websites.  (Travelocity, Expedia, Kayak, etc.)

Only have a weekend?  Fine.  Hit up the Weekend Getaway tab and be tantalized by offers such as 50% off a Conde Nast Gold List resort.

Happy traveling.

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