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Zinc Lounge at the Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach

March 23, 2010

I have been to the Zinc Lounge in Manhattan Beach twice.  The Zinc Lounge is located inside the beautiful Shade Hotel.  The first time was on a lazy weekend when my fiancé and I had some adult beverages on the Lounge’s patio area.  The bar was quiet and serene.  The vibe seemed to match the laid back atmosphere the hotel’s name and decor evoked.

My second time at the Zinc Lounge was for a Friday evening dinner with fiancé, fiancé’s boss, and fiancé’s boss’ wife. (fiancé is also an attorney by the way) I went expecting an ambiance similar to my first visit: serene and zen-like.  Instead, the Zinc Lounge was buzzing like a great big fun, intoxicating hive.  Even the patio area was full of people.

Our group sat on the patio, since it was too loud to eat and chat inside.  (The Lounge had a DJ)  We sat outside under a heat lamp and ordered our beverages and food.  Here’s the menu.

I ordered the Potato and Black Truffle Tortellini, and it was SO GOOD. The only con was the portion wasn’t that big, and I could easily have eaten another serving of the tortellini.  Everyone else ordered the Mushroom Pizza which was also delicious.  The mushrooms had been marinated, and the cheese was parmesan giving the pizza that extra edge over “non-fancy” pizza.

If you’re looking for a swanky bar with a great kitchen in the South Bay, then Zinc Lounge should definitely be on your list.  Remember that most parking in Manhattan Beach (including lots) is metered, so bring coins.  There are some lots with unmetered parking, but finding parking there during the evening hours is usually a gamble.

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