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Practical Information: Making and Saving Money on Facebook

March 19, 2010

I am a fan of a site called: The Frugal Law Student.  A few years ago the frugal law student, Brett McKay, wrote a posting called 10 Ways to Make and Save Money on Facebook.  Of course, depending on “where you are in life,” not all the information will be pertinent to you.  (e.g., get a roommate on Facebook)  But there were a few suggestions that caught my eye and made me say: neat!

Now some of you, maybe the majority of you, don’t have Facebook.  (Or that’s just what you tell your boss when he/she asks to “friend” you. [shudders] Just be thankful he/she doesn’t want to meet up with you in Second Life, and preemptively block, block, block!) However, if you do have Facebook, I think the posting is worth checking out.  I especially thought the Ether app and the Lending Club app were cool.

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